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Soundscape Now Available for Gear VR

Last year wireless hand-tracking company Leap Motion ran a videogame development jam for virtual reality (VR) technology. The competition went down as a big success and is even being repeated this year. Soundscape from indie developer Sander Sneek was one title that featured in the competition last year, and has since been in development for Samsung and Oculus VR’s mobile-based head-mounted display (HMD), the Gear VR. Today, Sneek has finally released the experience onto the consumer version of the device.

A launch trailer for Soundscape can be seen below. This is a musical VR experience in which players can create tracks in a sci-fi environment with the help of a huge screen. There players can add their own notes to mixes as well as change effects and the sounds of three different types of instrument. The title even features a multiplayer offering in which players can jam along with two other strangers. A tutorial mode also features for those that aren’t familiar with the experience already.

There’s an enormous amount of potential for music-based experiences and VR, and it’s being explored across the industry. Rock Band developer Harmonix, for example, is bringing Harmonix Music VR to the PlayStation VR HMD.

VRFocus will be following each and every one of these experiences, providing the latest coverage.

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