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Virtual Logic Systems Launches HomeAlive VR Platform

As virtual reality (VR) technology has progressed property developers have been experimenting with it as an alternative way to market housing projects that are still under construction. Looking to take advantage of this Virtual Logic Systems, a company that specialises VR and real-time simulation technologies, has launched HomeAlive, 3D interactive marketing platform to help builders and developers of residential properties accelerate their sales conversions.

In a competitive market such as housing, where supply can often outstrip demand attracting customers can be a difficult process. With HomeAlive, Virtual Logic Systems will showcase their projects in an interactive real-time VR environment for customers to make faster buying decisions.


The software allows prospective customers  to view all they wish to see of their home even if construction work begun yet, from the convenience of their home or office. Whether its interiors like the bedroom, kitchen or the bathroom or the outside landscaping and amenities, prospective customers can visualize all of it in VR. They can also view a variety of interior themes and have the ability to customize their homes with furniture, fixtures, fittings and décor.

Surya Prakash M.S., Director and CEO of Virtual Logic Systems, said in a statement, “Given the exponential growth of real estate in recent times, the choices of properties are only delaying customer buying decision. We feel that with HomeAlive, the customer buying decision process can be faster as the user can almost feel what his/her home will be like. HomeAlive will also make it possible to entice customers with the quality of its design and unique technology. Very soon, an online version will be enabled for consumers and businesses alike.”

VRFocus will continue to report on all facets of VR use around the world as details emerge.

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