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VRock Launches on Gear VR ‘Concepts’ Channel

The first of 2 new music applications launched for the Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD), VRock is now available to download for all iterations of the device. Launched as a ‘Concept’, VRock is a free music visualiser for Gear VR featuring two visual designs: ‘Mystify’ and ‘Sound Canyon’.

VRock allows users to play music stored on their SD Card (with compatible smartphone handsets) or other locations on the device. Compatible with MP3, Mod, it, MV and s3m file types, VRock features both mono and stereo outputs as well as shuffle functionality. Playback can be controlled using an in-app virtual menu or with the Gear VR’s built-in touchpad.

VRock screenshot

Developed by PushyPixels, VRock is now available to download for all versions of the Gear VR HMD. VRFocus will keep you updated with further developments on VRock and other virtual reality titles from PushyPixels.

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