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Inervision’s YantraVR: PSVR ‘extremely close to being on par with Vive and the Rift’

Until the official consumer versions of the main head-mounted displays (HMDs) launch there will be a constant on going debate about each of their features and how well each one performs against one another. Oculus VR with Oculus Rift, HTC and Valve with the HTC Vive and Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) with PlayStation VR (PSVR) for PlayStation 4, have similarities and complete differences to set themselves apart. But for those that have tried all three there will be favourites. The PlayStation VR HMD has surely gone up a lot of PlayStation 4 owners wish lists after SCE’s PlayStation Experience over the weekend, but does it compare to its rivals. Reddit user YantraVR who works with Innervison Games thinks its not far behind.

PlayStation VR headset

Writing in a Reddit post on PlayStation VR’s currently announced list of available titles (59 so far), YantraVR wrote: “PSVR is extremely close to being on par with Vive and the Rift w/ a gtx970 based on the tests I’ve done. The team from Epic (Nick & Tom) have also stated the same in at least one of their VR Twitch streams. If your app runs at 90Hz on a PC with a gtx970 then you should be very close to 60 on the ps4. And with the 120Hz reprojection applied it’s glassy smooth.”

Other developers opinion will obviously differ depending on their projects, but with PlayStation VR having the highest rate of 120Hz through reprojection, rather than Oculus Rifts 90Hz, this may aid the headsets popularity.

VRFocus will continue to bring you the latest progress on SCE’s PlayStation VR headset as further details emerge.

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  1. While the hardware specifications of PSVR and HTC VIVE might be somewhat similar, you can never compare the type of content that you can run of a proper gaming machine and on PS4.

    The PS4 has somewhere around 1.8 TFLOPS (trillion floating point operations per second) while for example my gaming machine with 2x980SLI overclocked has 12.68 TFLOPS. This should make it clear that my machine will handle different level of detail to what PS4 will be able to do. In other words, I would be able to run games like BattleField 4 in VR while you could not even imagine to run this game on PS4.

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