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Intel and VideoStitch Partner for 4K 360 Degree Video Streaming with Vahana VR

Virtual reality (VR) videogames have unsurprisingly been largely absent from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, though hardware itself has been a big feature. That said, 360 degree video, which can be viewed through a head-mounted display (HMD), has seen a lot of emphasis this week. VideoStitch, another company that specialised in this new medium, is also revealing a collaboration with Intel this week to help create 4K Live 360 video streaming.

The company calls its solution for this platform Vahana VR which, like other 360 concepts, uses multiple cameras to record footage which is stitched together to create a panoramic video. The company is showing its work with a VR HMD (which one is unspecified) at the show this week using Intel’s 6th generation Core Processor Platforms. It’s being shown off with the help of Wowza’s Cloud service.  An image of the tech’s display at CES can be seen below.

“Intel is working with Videostitch to deliver a 360° 4K live events broadcast re-transmission for home users,” Intel Executive Jean Pierre said of the news. “On the Intel booth we demo Live 360° stitching at 4K quality. The Live stream is taken from 6 action sports cameras that is stitched live on a Premium Notebook with 6th Gen Core processor. Videostitch’s Vahana VR technology is getting optimized for latest platforms from Intel. Videostitch is announcing that it is currently developing live stitching software that incorporates Intel’s Quick Sync technology, with an expected release mid-2016. This will seriously help deliver a better 360° immersive entertainment experience.”

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