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Alpha Gameplay Video Released for Spellbound on Oculus Rift

There’re more and more developers trying their hand at creating virtual reality (VR) titles as the technology gains more notoriety and press coverage. A small indie team based in Seattle, Washington has been quietly working on a new VR title called Spellbound lead by Eric Nevala.

The team has now released its first alpha gameplay footage this week showing some of the basic of Spellbound. In the title player become a wizard who is able to cast an assortment of magical spells using your hands. After dabbling with dark magic to bring his wife back from the dead, he realises his spell has gone awry. While it worked, bringing his wife back to life, it also had the unforeseen effect of resurrecting all the dead creatures that inhabit the nearby graveyard.

Spellbound currently supports the Oculus Rift alongside the Leap Motion hand-tracking system. In the video the first spell you see is the classical fireball, and using a hand gesture spell casting system players will be able to access different abilities.

Using just your hands you’ll be able throw a projectile as you would a ball, with trajectory and velocity all dependant on how it was thrown. Each spell will have a unique way of accessing it using your hands, spells can then be combined together that will create new effects.

Current launch plans are for a late March/early April release via Steam and the Oculus Store. Nevala and his team also plan to add Oculus Touch and HTC Vive support in the future when they get access to the hardware.

VRFocus will continue to follow the latest updates on Spellbound, reporting back any further announcements.

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