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Canadian Prime Minister Tries Oculus Rift, ‘clearly enjoys it’

With the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) finally nearing its 28th March 2016 launch date, more and more people are getting the chance to sample the device for the first time. Plenty of high-profile figures will have had that chance this week at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. We’ve already heard from Facebook talking about the potential of VR at the event, and now Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has had the chance to try the Oculus Rift for himself.


Trudeau shared his experience with the Oculus Rift on Twitter this week, simply writing: “Today at #WEF16 I had the chance to check out high-tech innovations such as the @Oculus #Rift. Clearly enjoyed it…” The above picture shows the Prime Minister sampling the tech at Oculus VR’s own booth during the show. Interestingly, he appears to be using the kit’s Crescent Bay prototype judging by the presence of what look to be several small markers on the device itself, which are invisible in the consumer edition.

Pre-orders for the Oculus Rift opened on 6th January 2016. The number of units allocated for shipping in March were almost instantly claimed, and orders are now backed up all the way back to July 2016. The device costs $599 USD and will come with a range of extras such as a copy of Playful’s Lucky’s Tale, an Xbox One pad and the Oculus Remote. Those that pre-order the kit will also be getting a free copy of CCP Games’ anticipated multiplayer space shooter, EVE: Valkyrie. Following its launch the HTC Vive HMD will arrive in April 2016, with PlayStation VR expected at some point in H1 2016.

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