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HTC Vive

Devs Use 2 HTC Vives Locally to Share VR Environment

Virtual reality (VR) technology is set to embrace online multiplayer straight out of the gate. Titles such as EVE: Valkyrie and War Thunder are ready and waiting for consumer VR, for example. But what about local play? It’s a concept we’ve seen relatively little on, but two developers have recently revealed their very own collaborative VR experience that uses two HTC Vive head-mounted displays, two PCs, two pairs of position tracked controllers and Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensor to offer local play.

Jasper Brekelmans and Jeroen de Mooij recently revealed their work in a new video seen below. Linking the HMDs up, the two developers were able to enter the same virtual space and work together to stack boxes within the environment. The Kinect sensor helped to display the user’s bodies while the HMDs act as markers for fully 3D heads that exist within the VR area. The pair also use the position tracked controllers juggle the boxes and, eventually, build a tower out of them. The video ends by looking at the possibility of bringing the same system to an online connection in the future.

The devs also detailed their findings from working on the project in a blog post. The experience is akin to what can be seen in a handful of other VR experiences right now, the most notable being Oculus VR’s Toybox demo for its Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch position tracked controllers.

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