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EXTREME Partners With Virtual Reality Entertainment to Produce VR Content

A lot of work is currently going in to making the best virtual reality (VR) sports experiences. VR could be a useful tool in helping people to get fit as well as replicating the feeling of becoming a sporting legend. For now, though, one of the best ways to experience sports with VR is simply viewing real events in 360 degrees. To that end, EXTREME has today announced a partnership with Virtual Reality Entertainment to produce a wide range of new 360 degree content, including event capture and films.

The deal will see Virtual Reality Entertainment become the exclusive producers of 360 degree content for EXTREME, which specialises in everything from skateboarding to dirt biking. On top of that, the company will also be producing a brand new 360 degree narrative film that focuses on Drift motorsports. A trailer for the experience, which offers a first-person view of the action, can be seen below. It will be releasing in three parts titled EXTREME Drift Allstars, Latvian Grand Prix. The content is planned to be available for all VR platforms.

“We are delighted to be working with Virtual Reality Entertainment to bring the thrills of Action and Motor Sports to the world of Virtual Reality. Our first production looks set for a Q1 2016 release in conjunction with the hard launch of several new HMDs and VR platforms. The content we are producing is a perfect fit for the new VR market and we are looking forward to growing the production slate throughout 2016 and beyond.”

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