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Gaijin Entertainment Announces War Thunder eSports Playoffs

In the world of videogames eSports has gained a major following with big events held across the globe. Today, Russian developer Gaijin Entertainment has announced its eSports league for War Thunder, titled Thunder League. The first round was launched over the holiday break and it has now reached the playoff stage. Eight teams currently remain, warring over land and in the air, all in the same match.

For the league the total prize is currently sitting at $40K USD and will continue to grow funded by War Thunder fans. War Thunder players are able to purchase Thunder League Dog Tags with each purchase increasing the total prize fund. As well as increasing the prize on offer, each player will receive rare items, highly sought after vehicles and other bonuses for their participation.

War Thunder planes

Starting from an initial $5K, each time the purse surpasses a $5K level (5, 10, 15…40), those who purchase Dog Tags receive more opportunities to win prizes, rare items and other bonuses. There’re currently two tags on offer, a silver tag for €9.99 EUR and a gold tag for €16.99 EUR.

War Thunder is a popular World War 2-era online combat title that supports the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) and with plan to support the PlayStation VR HMD for PlayStation 4 upon release.

VRFocus will continue to bring you all the latest news relating the War Thunder and the Thunder League as Gaijin Entertainment releases further information.

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