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GeForce GTX 970 Now Most Popular GPU in Steam Survey

While the main focus of virtual reality (VR) hardware has been on the head-mounted displays (HMDs) from the likes of Oculus VR and HTC, the other factor has been PC specifications. Oculus VR has notified gamers of the minimum required specs to run its Oculus Rift HMD for a while now, with one of the key components – the graphics card – being set at Nvidia’s Geforce GTX 970 or similar for entry into VR videogaming. And that seems to have had an effect as Steams recently released December 2015 hardware and software survey attests.

Reported by Techspot Nvidia’s Geforce GTX 970 has become the new favourite for gamers using Steams online store platform. It clinched the number one spot from Intel’s HD Graphics 4000, the first time the 970 has done so. The GPU is currently found in 4.89 percent of PC’s used by Steam visitors, up from 4.75 percent in November. In contrast Intel’s HD Graphics 4000 has dropped from 5.09 percent in November to 4.82 percent in December. And those percentages are even greater when looking back at the figures up until August 2015.

Steam December Survey

The 970 card has been growing in popularity due to its performance to cost value. And with VR due to hit the mainstream in 2016 its not hard to surmise that this trend may continue as VR enthusiasts look to beef up their machines without breaking the bank. Nvidia does dominate the top 10 bracket with six of its cards featuring, three by Intel and only one, the Radeon HD 9700 by AMD.

VRFocus will continue to follow the latest PC trends relating to VR, reporting back with any new information.

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