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Gen Z Plan to Buy VR

With the virtual reality (VR) market forecast constantly changing, and no guarantee of absolute success, it can be said that current and potential industry leaders can bet on the excitement of the youth to indicate potential success. It has recently emerged in this month’s Virtual Reality Consumer Report that nearly three quarters of the millennial generation plan on buying VR head-mounted displays (HMD).

In the report, where Greenlight VR collected responses from over 1,000 UK and over 2,000 US respondents, it says that 71% of those born after 2000s, dubbed Generation Z (Gen Z), will either buy a VR HMD with their own money or ask their parents to make the purchase. It goes on to say that 25% said they were intending on using their own money, which could be interpreted as either committed or superficial depending on the age of the child. UK national Gen Z youths are also more familiar with recent VR technological developments than those in the US (48%), and it would prefer to play either completely socially or would enjoy social as well as solo gameplay (69%).

Samsung Gear VROther statistics released show that nearly three quarters (73%) of parents are concerned with effects on health and anti-social behaviour; racing video games are most desired across all generations (31%); although Sony’s PlayStation VR is more known with 41% over Samsung’s 35%, respondents showed Samsung a solid brand preference with 43% over Sony’s 36%; and even the baby boomers, now aged between 50-70, are looking forward to VR with 30% interested in travel-based experiences.

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