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Google Acquires Vine Boss from Twitter

If you’ve got the know how and are keen to work in virtual reality (VR) there’re plenty of jobs out there with companies keen to expand their VR interests. But there’s also a lot of acquisitions going on, with the likes of Apple’s recent hiring of professor Doug Bowman and now the general manager for Twitter’s video-sharing service Vine is leaving to join Google to work on VR.

Twitter has seen a few executives leave recently and the latest is Jason Toff who had been leading Vine’s team since early 2014, after moving from the role of director of product management at Twitter. Toff had previously worked for Google and YouTube in product manager roles and is now heading back to the firm in a VR role. He made the announcement via his Twitter account, saying: “Personal update! I’m joining Google to work on VR. So much exciting potential there.” There’s been no further details on what the role may entail but its another indication of Google’s push towards the VR market.


The company announced earlier this month that the former head of Google Cardboard, Clay Bavor, would be promoted to the position of vice president of virtual reality.

Expect there to be further announcements like these over the course of 2016, as companies prepare for what they hope will be an exciting time to be part of VR.

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