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I Am You Out Now for Gear VR

So far today the Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD) has seen Pulsar Arena from ZeroTransform and Dead End Alley by Cry Havoc Games launch, and now one more has been added to the line-up. Created by Cinehackers, I Am You is a short virtual reality (VR) narrative experience that immerses the viewer in a first-person perspective movie.

In I Am You the film follows two characters who discover a new crowd-funded app that allows them to swap consciousness, enabling them to see and feel what its like to be in each others body. The movie begins in a VR cinema, watching them as you would do a normal film, from there the story moves to them donning the required sensors an activating the app that allows the transferral of consciousness.

I Am You Screenshot

The experience doesn’t require a wireless controller and is rated as ‘Comfortable for some’ by the Oculus store. I Am You can be downloaded now for $2.99 USD and provides an interesting twist to other filmmaking narratives found on the Gear VR headset.

VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest content releases for the Gear VR platform as further experiences are launched.

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