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Interior Design App Planner 5D Now on Google Cardboard

Virtual reality (VR) technology has incredible potential for use in the real estate industry. Using head-mounted displays (HMD) such as the Oculus Rift, customers could be given a first glimpse at their new homes in VR. Players are able to experience their dream homes with Planner 5D’s VR app which now features on Google Play, developed for Google’s mobile-based HMD Google Cardboard. The interior design app has already reached millions of users and boasts simplicity in use.

The app, which has already reached 3.5 million users worldwide, allows you to select a floor plan, choose furniture from frequently updated catalogues, such as the Swedish furniture and appliance store IKEA, and move each piece without breaking a sweat. There are options to visualise different colours, materials, and décor details, then after all of that you can put on your HMD and experience your new home or office.


Players are able to share after designing a new home, office, coffee shop, restaurant, or any other space, and have already shared 4.6 million designs within the app.

Pre-orders are available on Planner 5D’s site, giving the option to order the low-cost HMD along with the app. The app itself is available on Google Play and is free to install.

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