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PlayStation VR

Is Sony Working on a ‘VRPG’ for PlayStation VR?

Virtual reality (VR) videogames seem to be catering towards smaller experiences at this point in time, likely due concerns of users spending too long inside a head-mounted display (HMD) such as PlayStation VR for PlayStation 4. But, with current VR technology being much improved over that of a few years ago, it should be possible to spend a longer time inside a device. In fact, it looks like Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) itself could be working on a new title for its kit from a genre notorious for long play times – the RPG.

PlayStation VR headset

As reported by DualShockers, SCE Japan (SCEJ) last month filed a trademark for a ‘VRPG’. Nothing’s confirmed at this point, but it could be that the company is looking to create a VR role-playing game. SCEJ is already known to be working on PlayStation VR, developing the Playroom VR collection of minigames that star the same tiny robots seen in the PlayStation 4’s free augmented reality (AR) launch title, Playroom. That said, the trademark being filed in Japan doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s SCEJ developing the potential title.

PlayStation VR is set to release in the first half of 2016, though a specific date and price for the device are yet to be confirmed. The device boasts a 1080p OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. While many compatible titles would be able to reach a 120fps framerate by themselves, the kit is capable of ‘reprojecting’ some titles that run at 60fps at this framerate in-HMD. It also offers a 90fps option for developers creating titles that run natively.

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  1. Thanks for the write up Jamie. Successful RPGs in VR will be deadly! I loved playing Runescape as a kid, and I would definitely love to see it or similar games in VR.

  2. Please someone, make a Mass Effect like game, and replace the ground combat and team mates with space combat and wing-mates. Dialogue scenes can be done really well in VR already, and so can the space battles. It’s only a matter of time.

    “Successful RPGs in VR will be deadly!” I completely agree, it will be a system seller!

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