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iStaging Launches AR/VR App for Interior Design

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology aren’t just about videogames and entertainment. Those aspects are driving the uptake and implementation on a mainstream level, but the tech can also be used as a versatile tool for a range of projects from medicine to engineering. iStaging a Taiwanese-based startup that won several major international rewards during 2015, including the $100,000 USD cash prize awarded by Intel at the APEC Global Challenge in October, is using VR and AR to aid interior design.

Released this week for iOS and Android platforms was the iStaging App. It allows anyone to easily design their own interiors by previewing furniture in their own homes in real time and at actual size. Whether its a new table, sofa, wardrobe or a choice of other home furnishings, they can all be viewed directly on a tablet or smartphone as if they were there.

“We’ve seen demand for AR and VR applications growing rapidly and that momentum is on track to rise further in 2016. The launch of our free app is really just a taste of how we’re making AR and VR easily accessible to a wider market,” said iStaging Director of Global Marketing, Kevin Basset in a statement. “We’re committed to expanding the capabilities of diverse participants in the real estate and design industries and there’s plenty more innovations in the pipeline.”

The app also allows users to put on a head-mounted display (HMD) like Google Cardboard or Merge VR to view a range of interiors created by professional designers, helping inspire and fuel new ideas for someone’s own home.

iStaging can be downloaded for free now, and VRFocus will continue to follow any further VR/AR projects from the iStaging team.

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  1. Human’s life is actually changing a lot, experiencing e commerce interior design and furturn with the glass , it’s insane

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