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Sony London / SCE London Studios

Kojima and Cerny Vist Sony’s London Studio, Tease New PSVR Experience

One of the biggest stories to follow in the videogame industry as a whole over the past week has been Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and PlayStation 4 Lead System Architect Mark Cerny’s 10 day tour across the US and even the globe. The pair have been visiting a number of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) owned studios and offices, trying out the latest advances in videogame technology. It was arguably only a matter of time before virtual reality (VR) came into the mix, then, and it’s done just that today.


Cerny himself has posted an image (seen above) of himself and what appears to be a member of the tour at SCE London studio, the developer known for its recent tech demos for the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) such as The Deep and The London Heist. Cerny is looking on while the other member is trying the PlayStation VR unit at the studio, complete with two PlayStation Move motion controllers. Members of the SCE London team can be seen watching the action unfold too, though it’s never made clear what’s being played.

What is interesting, though is Cerny’s mention of SCE London’s ‘next VR experience’ which features in the image but has been blurred out. The wording here is very precise, as it doesn’t confirm if SCE London is moving on to finally create a full VR videogame or is simply developing another tech demo for showcasing as events such as E3. Kojima also followed up Cerny’s tweet with his own, simply noting that he was visiting the SCE London team with another picture of the PlayStation VR unit and PlayStation Move controllers.

Fans of Kojima’s will know that the famed developer left long-time employer Konami last year and started a new studio in the rebooted Kojima Productions. At the same time, Kojima also announced a deal with SCE to bring the team’s first title to PlayStation 4 as a console exclusive. Could this title be a VR videogame? That would certainly be an answer to a lot of people’s prayers.

VRFocus will continue to follow the VR industry, reporting back with the latest updates.

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