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London Unreal Engine Meetup Group Announced

With meetup groups a popular way of bringing enthusiasts together on any type of subject, for videogaming and virtual reality (VR) in particular these have been the life blood of the industry. One of the most popular game engines for VR comes from Epic Games and its Unreal Engine, and now a new meetup group has been announced dedicated to it. The London Unreal Engine Meetup group has recently been formed to focus on all aspects of the engine.

Formed by Jeremy Anderson, the London Unreal Engine Meetup aims to provide a meeting-place for users of the Unreal Engine to meet up, learn, and show-off their projects. Whether you’re into videogame development; videogame programming; videogame design; game modding; 3D modelling; VR; independent videogame development; indie games and more, the group encourages both experienced users and newcomers to Unreal Engine to join up.

Unreal Engine 4 screenshot

No events have been announced as of now, but the organisers intend to feature talks, discussions and social time to meet with fellow users, helping share knowledge and develop a lively London community for Unreal Engine.

Such is the popularity of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine that meetups dedicated to the platform can be found across the UK and worldwide. In the UK there’re groups in Manchester and Bristol, others can be found in France, Germany, New Zealand, Australia and in numerous cities across the US.

VRFocus will continue to follow the London Unreal Engine Meetup group, reporting back with any further announcements.

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