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Long March Space Project Hits Gear VR

Developers that have already managed to release a second project on the Gear VR virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) for Samsung smartphones are – traditionally speaking – working on franchises. Climax Studios has released two entries in its Bandit Six gallery shooter series while Coatsink Software has now released two Esper titles. Mandrill VR has also launched one project in the form of Totems in Dreamland, which VRFocus awarded five stars last year. This week the company has launched its second project, Long March Space Project.


Set in a universe that’s been overrun by an evil force, Long March Space Project casts players as a member of the titular team that fights back against invading enemies. You’ll visit a number of different planets as you attempt to rid them of alien monsters and bugs. The title boasts an accessible control scheme that doesn’t require an Android gamepad to be used as well as colour voxel visuals that give it a look akin to a sci-fi take on Minecraft.

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  1. So tired of s*** games coming out for gear vr via the oculus store. More than half the apps/games are trash, not worth the money whatsoever.. They need a section where users can write a real review, not just with stars.

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