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MagnaChip Now Targeting VR Market

The expansion and investment opportunities in virtual reality (VR) are growing day by day as global firms seek to stay on the bleeding edge of the industry. With reports being published by companies like Digi-Capital showing the VR market captured nearly $700 million USD in investments during 2015, more businesses are looking at viable ways of harnessing the potential of VR. One of those is MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation, a Korea-based designer and manufacturer of analogue and mixed-signal semiconductor products that is now targeting VR.

Through an announcement today that its cumulative shipment of AMOLED display driver ICs has surpassed 160 million units since initial shipments began in 2007, MagnaChip is now targeting head-mounted display (HMD) applications for the VR market.

MagnaChip Phone image

MagnaChip supplies AMOLED display driver ICs to global smartphone, tablet PC and digital still camera manufacturers and over time has shrunk the technology to a specialized 55-nanometer AMOLED process node. The firm is also involved in process development that will migrate the technology to sub-55-nanometer processes.

“We are well-positioned as a global leader in the design and supply of AMOLED display driver ICs,” said YJ Kim, CEO of MagnaChip Semiconductor in a statement. “In this fast-growing market, we will fully leverage our design capability, specialized manufacturing processes and scalable foundry partnerships to develop new applications that capture the expanding display driver IC market opportunities.”

Hasn’t revealed any further information on its VR plans and integration of its displays into headsets, but VRFocus will continue to follow MagnaChip closely to see how the firms technology could help to advance the VR industry.

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