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New Screenshots Released for Job Simulator

At the Steam VR Developer Showcase today developer Owlchemy Labs’ showing its latest version of its virtual reality (VR) title Job Simulator. The studio has up till now revealed three different jobs featured in the videogame, Store Clerk, Office Worker and Chef’s Kitchen. Chef’s Kitchen has seen a reworking with all new screenshots unveiling the design change.

In the two images below show a more enclosed work area, with a less clinical feel. Now it looks like an open plan kitchen with a view of a restaurant rather than the white tiles for the previous version. The biggest difference is the whole aesthetic shown in the images, with bright vivid reds and greens replacing the pastel colours of old.

Comparing the fridge image there’s a lot more going on, with an abundance of items to pickup and interact with. That new colour pallet makes everything pop out of the screen, and greater detail has been added to everything making a good looking area look even better than it did before.

Whether any new gameplay mechanics have been added to the Kitchen is unclear but the title has now been confirmed for launch in 2016, although no dates have yet been given.

The recent redesign for the HTC Vive Pre developers kit which is being used at the event has made the controllers more ergonomic and the Vive itself slightly smaller. Pre-orders for the headset are due to open in February 2016, with the first shipments taking place in April.

VRFocus will continue to bring you the latest announcements from the Steam VR Developers Showcase as the event continues.

Job Simulator Kitchen 1 Job Simulator Kitchen 2

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