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New to VR: Under the Sea VR has Aquatic Puzzles, Wildlife and More

Plenty of virtual reality (VR) experiences already take you underwater. Be it through murky, atmospheric survival experiences such as Narcosis or wondrous examinations of sea life in the likes of Ocean Rift, underwater VR proves to be completely immersive time and again. Another pair of developers are looking to capture that immersion in a new title, Under the Sea VR, which is available now from the Oculus Share software portal.

Under the Sea VR allows players to put on an Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) and explore the lost city of Atlantis, solving puzzles along the way. The title features fishes that can be interacted. A short video of the first area of the experience can currently be seen below. It was developed by Shin Hosuk and Gim Hyeongin.

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