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Nvidia: PCs Need ‘sevenfold increase in raw performance’ to Utilise VR

Virtual reality (VR) is a demanding technology. While head-mounted displays (HMDs) themselves may not end up costing thousands, the PCs required to run them will set customers back a fair way. In fact, GPU manufacturing company Nvidia estimates that there needs to be a huge ‘sevenfold increase’ in raw performance in order to deliver a smooth, comfortable experience within HMDs such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


The company’s Jason Paul said as much in a recent interview with GamesBeat. “We see the potential of VR as very large, but we also see a big challenge as far as the computing power that’s required,” Paul explained. “If you look at your typical PC gaming experience, 90 percent of the gamers out there play at 1080p. For a smooth experience you don’t want to go below 30fps. Compare that to VR where the displays are about 2K, but you have to render closer to 3K, and you don’t want to go below 90fps. It’s about a sevenfold increase in raw performance to render for VR versus traditional PC gaming. You have to do that in less than 20 milliseconds from head rotation to what shows up on your display.”

Oculus VR, maker of the Oculus Rift, is looking to combat this issue with its own initiative known as the ‘Oculus Ready PC Programme‘. This consists of a number of PCs from different manufacturers that meet the company’s minimum specification for running VR experiences.

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  1. Morpheus is starting to look very tempting right now. Luckey’s been throwing out hints that the Rift is going to cost more than expected, combined with the cost of upgrading our PCs to actually run the games, well it’s going to suck for lots of us.

    I’d rather just spend the money on a PS4 and a Morpheus and not have to upgrade my PC every year to run the latest vr games. I really hope Microsoft does something in VR before I make that decision, I have too much invested in my Xbox gaming to just switch over that easily.

    1. 1st off, once your PC is ready for VR, it will most likely last you for 3 years before you need to turn off some features in the game. And then you will need an increment upgrade, not a full PC upgrade, and that is only if you want to maintain ultra settings. So while more expensive than the PS4, it isn’t an annual upgrade as you fear.

      2nd, regarding the XB1, I believe that MS has no plans whatsoever to bring VR to the XB1. Their current plans is support VR on Windows 10, and to focus on MR with HoloLens. Even if they do reveal their plans now to support VR on the XB1, it will be a while before it comes out and developers support it. So don’t hold your breath on this.

  2. Sevenfold over what? It’s a real low end gaming rig to get 1080p at 30fps these days. My laptop does it and it’s not even a gaming laptop. a 970 as required by Oculus is a high end graphics card, but it’s far from their top model. And by the time the headsets are actually out, it will be a solid mid range card that can run VR.

  3. you’re right, but I cannot imagine how the PS VR experiences can be as good as their PC’s counterparts, if raw power is the most important thing….

    1. they aren’t, just acceptable and running nicely. The same as with the current games, the graphics on the PS4 might not be as good as a gaming PC, but they runs well enough that the console gamers don’t care for more.

      same will happen with the PSVR vs Vive/OR; multiplat VR games will look better on the PC’s VR, but will run nicely on the PSVR.

  4. Interesting. But then, if we can expand the use of VR far beyond games and experiences, and make it viable as an alternative to traditional PC setups. I bet the market for high-end PCs will get back up. Maybe Moores law still has some effect and the power we need gets so cheap that suddenly 7x current average power is commonplace in most homes.

    I started writing a design document for a VR desktop environment. Can’t wait to make the illustrations and art for it.

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