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Oculus Appoints Instagram’s Director of Product as New Head of Product

There are a range of social services and media sharing networks that virtual reality (VR) technology could easily integrate itself with. Ever-popular photo sharing service Instagram is just one example of this, and the company has even admitted that working with the likes of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) would be ‘amazing’. We’re yet to see the company start work in VR, then, but today it’s been revealed that Instagram’s Head of Product is moving to Oculus VR to take on a very similar role.


Peter X. Deng has today announced that he is joining the Oculus Rift creator as the Head of Product Management. “There are very few companies that have the opportunity to define the future of how we interact with each other and with the world,” Deng said of the news in a Facebook post. “I feel fortunate to be joining such a passionate and talented team dedicated to bringing immersive new experiences in VR to reality.”

The new hire spoke at length about the challenges he was excited to face with the company, including ‘defining new UI/UX paradigms’ and ‘enabling a powerful platform for developers and users’. “I’m excited to take on something so different, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from the amazing team at Oculus,” he said.

Of course, both Instagram and Oculus VR are owned by Facebook, so this is still more of a transition within one company rather than moving to an entirely new one. Deng signed off by noting that 2016 would be an ‘action-packed’ year. Judging by how 2016 has started with the launch of pre-orders for the Oculus Rift, he’s certainly not wrong.

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