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Oculus Rift Day One Stock Sells Out in 14 Minutes

Today is the big day for the Oculus Rift, the long anticipated virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) for PCs. Pre-orders for the kit have finally opened, revealing a price of $599 USD/£499 GBP, with the first shipments expected to be carried out in March 2016. If you weren’t able to get in early for an order it appears that you’re already out of luck, however, as it appears Oculus Rift day one stock has run out as shipping has now been pushed to April 2016.

Oculus Rift consumer headset

It appears then, that whatever stock Oculus VR was preparing for March has already been claimed. The message presented itself just 14 minutes after the campaign launched at 08:00 PST, when it cleared displayed an expected shipping on March 2016. It’s still well worth pre-ordering, however, as anyone that does will be getting a copy of EVE: Valkyrie from CCP Games completely free, while everyone that picks it up outright will get a copy of Lucky’s Tale as well as an Xbox One controller bundled in the box.

There’s still plenty to learn about the Oculus Rift, then, much of which will come to light at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. VRFocus is at the show to bring you all of the latest updates on the kit.

  1. Good for them. But how many did they sell?
    It sounds like the day one stock was VERY limited if they were able to sell out in 14 minutes at that price.

  2. Erm so $599 = £499 … *without shipping* … REALLY?! That doesn’t seem to tally with any exchange rate I can find. Should be about £400 should it not. Could it be they are looking to squeeze an extra £100 from UK residents? That’s pretty rude.

        1. The 599$ price is without taxes and shipping. I´ve heard that shipping is 50$ for US buyers. I guess that tax varies between different states.
          I live in Sweden and the Oculus cost me 699 Euro including taxes + 44 Euro shipping, which seems fairly equal to £499

    1. I had a moan about this on Reddit. Apparently, £499 includes customs and taxes. You just pay £30 for delivery. $599 is the price in the US before taxes as each state has different tax rates

    2. £400 + £80 VAT…
      £20 is not beyond the realms of possibility for various other overheads.

  3. @Tom, the exchange from USD to GBP isn’t a flat exchange rate, it includes sales tax too which those pesky American’s never have to pay… always getting tech and hardware so much cheaper than us Brits. From the looks of it, it’s about £90-£100 being added on as sales tax.

    1. Tax where I live is about 10% so they will charge an extra $60 plus about $20 for shipping making my final price around $680. Every state is different.

  4. ordered mine within 4 minutes. only 2 minutes if you subtract the time the webpage was just a white blob.

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