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OSVR Releases New Software Update

The Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) platform which was created by Razer and several partners has now received a new software update. The update, version 0.6.651 features several additions as well as improvements for the OSVR Hacker Development Kit (HDK).

The first is better performance for the head-mounted display (HMD) in Direct Mode. It’ll give quicker rendering of images and improved latency, improved distortion correction for better images and the ability to run the OSVR HDK as an independent monitor so users don’t need to deal with Windows display settings.

OSVR Hacker Dev Kit

The second is a set of positional tracking updates, with a Sensor Fusion tech upgrade implemented to give smoother tracking by enhancing the IR camera sensor’s algorithm. Positional tracking will now be auto-calibrated through the OSVR server to allow HDK owners to fine-tune the tracking further.

Razer recently announced the platform had surpassed 300 partners and VRFocus learned at CES 2016 the company was testing a new diffusion screen for the show. The latest OSVR HDK 1.3 can be purchased online through osvr.org for $299.99 USD, and VRFocus will continue to bring you all the latest news and updates to the OSVR platform and the HDK as new announcements are made.

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