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Phaser Lock Reveals Three Final Approach Gameplay Videos

If you’ve followed VRFocus over the last week or so you’ll have seen a lot of updates relating to Final Approach, the virtual reality (VR) air traffic control video game produced by Phaser Lock Interactive for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift with Oculus Touch functionality and now PlayStation VR. A part of the Steam VR Showcase, Phaser Lock Interactive have released three new video clips of the new build from the event. All three show off different mechanics within the game.

The first shows the ‘Helicopter Rescue’ task, in which users must draw flight vectors in order to guide a navy helicopter to save the crew of a downed fighter aircraft who have landed in the sea.

The second, referred to as ‘Man The Guns’, sees the player take a time out from manning the sky to instead manning a rocket launcher on one of the battleships taking part in naval manoeuvres.

The final video shows a longer sequence including elements of the first video in which the player deals with several tasks after a series of drones go awry.

You can find out more about Final Approach by reading our Preview of the Oculus Rift/Touch version and you can also catch our recent interview with the developers here.

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