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PlayStation VR Listed By Swiss Retailer for Approximately £350

With the virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs) from Oculus VR, HTC and Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) so tantalisingly close to release one of the great unknowns for two of them currently is price. The Oculus Rift opened up pre-orders earlier this month with a price of $599 USD (around £420 GBP) which was seen as expensive, but the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR are still keeping that under wraps. But it looks like a Swiss retailer is taking guess at the pricing with a new online listing.

PlayStation VR headset

Gamereactor noticed that Microspot has listed SCE’s PlayStation VR headset for 498 Swiss francs, working out around £349 GBP/ $496 USD. Also in the information is a shipping date of 30th, June 2016. SCE has made nothing official yet and this is more than likely placeholder information from details currently known about, but it may not be far off the mark. The PlayStation VR is scheduled to be launching in the first half of 2016, putting the June date as the last expected day. And has been previously stated by SCE that the HMD is being treated like a new console launch, the pricing is around where many predictions have landed.

This tactic isn’t uncommon although some online retailers do occasionally have a wild guess it seems, as when Amazon Canada listed the headset for $1,125 CAD (around $800 USD), which SCE then denied immediately.

When SCE finally decide to reveal the price and date for the PlayStation VR, VRFocus will be there to bring you all the latest announcements.

  1. What’s the holdup on the announcement, I understood waiting for everyone else to make the first move, but what’s Sony up to now?

    I want to preorder this thing. Get it in the system.

  2. Microspot has also listed the Oculus Rift for 498CHF, then one day after the official announce they changed it to 799CHF but they will honor pre orders made before. Maybe they have lost too much money on this because they have apparently remove the listing for PlayStation VR now.

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