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PTC Hosting ThingEvent Focused on Augmented Reality

Just as virtual reality (VR) has taken off and hitting the consumer main stream this year, so to has augmented reality (AR), with companies looking to utilise the technology in new and innovative ways. PTC a technology solutions provider will be hosting its exclusive ThingEvent alongside co-hosts Thingworx and Vuforia this week, focused on AR technology.

The ThingEvent will be live-streamed worldwide on Thursday 28th, January 2016, at 9am and 3pm EST. Presenters will be able to interact with live-stream viewers via social media channels, using the hashtag #thingevent to post comments and questions.


Highlighting real-world customer solutions from leading companies the event will showcase new technologies and feature live demonstrations for practical business uses of AR.

Over the course of the live-stream the schedule will feature PTC’s CEO Jim Heppelmann, who will discuss how AR’s role in PTC’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform. Jay Wright, PTC SVP and General Manager for Vuforia, will be there to explain the expansion of Vuforia, which is one of the most widely used AR platforms and recently acquired by PTC.

“The incredible opportunities presented by the IoT, give rise to the need for a whole new generation of enabling technologies,” said Jim Heppelmann, president and CEO, PTC, in a statement. “We hope you can join us on January 28 for this special event. Be there to witness the vision, hear the strategy, and see the unveiling of a new suite of products, coming later in 2016, that will harness the power of augmented reality and transform forever how we experience things.”

VRFocus will continue to follow the latest AR developments and report any new announcements from the ThingEvent.

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