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Purple Pill Launches 360 Degree App Creation Service, AppFactory

360 degree video is a popular medium for use with virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs), but it still needs work to reach its full potential in terms of both quality and accessibility. One company that’s been working towards achieving this is Purple Pill VR, an Amsterdam, The Netherlands-based studio that has in the past released its own custom rig designs for 2D and 3D shooting and a course on the best practises for VR filmmaking. Today, Purple Pill VR returns with brand new software that allows people to easily create 360 degree video apps and prepare them for use with HMDs. That software is called AppFactory.


AppFactory is available now directly from Purple Pill VR’s own website. The product allows producers to create multi-platform 360 degree content apps for use with the likes of Gear VR, Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift without having to write any of their own coding. All users need do is upload high-resolution videos and artwork and they’ll have a standalone app within 72 hours. Purple Pill VR has used the system itself to release Virtual Gorilla for Google Cardboard on the Android operating system (OS) already.

“We believe Virtual Reality will become a mix between video and games.” said Nick Kraakman, co-founder of Purple Pill VR. “This is why we build our apps in the popular Unity 5 game engine, which allows us to easily add new, interactive features. We don’t expect to ‘beat’ YouTube360 – most 360º videos will still be distributed that way – but we simply offer a radically different approach to their traditional video platform model.”

Those interested can select one of three programmes for AppFactory. The first is a Basic set for €500 EUR that offers a multiplatform app with one 360 degree, 3D video with Purple Pill VR branding and a default design. For €2,500 customers can get the Complete options with eight videos with their own branding and three designs to choose from along with spatial audio and subtitles. Finally, a Custom option for €5,000 with interactive videos and custom designs and features it also available.

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