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Rebellion Spending ‘in the region of’ £5 Million on Battlezone

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) is yet to reveal the launch line-up for its upcoming PlayStation VR virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), but one title that’s hoping to be on the list is Battlezone from UK-based studio Rebellion. The tank battling videogame is a reboot of a classic series from the 90’s that will be coming to the PlayStation 4-based HMD before later making its way to the Oculus Rift on PC. Rebellion is betting big on VR, then, and was recently even as bold as to reveal an estimated figure for the title’s budget.


Studio CEO Jason Kingsley OBE said as much talking to Sky News for a recent feature on VR tech. “We are probably spending somewhere in the region of £5m on developing this game,” he said of Battlezone.”

Even with the uncertainty of how VR HMDs will perform when they launch later this year, Kignsley is confident the company will make its money back. “That’s a lot of money but I think it’s recoverable,” he said.

“It’s ultimately down to the third party hardware manufacturers who are releasing the headsets and ultimately up to the consumer to decide that it’s a good idea.”

He concluded, explaining that today’s technology gives VR its ‘best shot’ at success yet. “We have been here before with VR but the (computing power) just wasn’t good enough and now I think the technology has the best shot at success,” Kingsley said.

Battlezone features neon-drenched visuals in which players will commandeer an extremely powerful tank. If the title is to stick to the PlayStation VR launch line-up then it should arrive at some point within the first half of this year, though it remains to be seen if SCE will stick to that window it set nearly a year ago now.

For the latest on Battlezone, keep reading VRFocus.

  1. The game looks good, as long as Sony can get 1 millions of these psvr’s made and out the door this year I think they can hit that number, it looks to be one of the better titles at this point.

    Besides Eve and Rigs it looks to be in the top 3 well polished vr experiences for launch.

  2. I think the release lineup will sell well regardless, because there won’t be a lot to choose from. Just like the PS4, it’s a great opportunity for developers to jump in and get a strong foothold.

    I expect to probably end up buying most of them, it’s gonna be exciting times.

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