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Release Date Given for Oculus Rift’s the Solus Project

Plenty of tension has been built up for the arrival of Oculus VRs PC-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), Oculus Rift, and the same can be said for their top titles announced the past year. Dubbed the ‘most anticipated game for 2016’, The Solus Project, first announced back at the Microsoft games conference in LA last year, is being teased more so with a developer video and the release date for PC and Xbox One being narrowed down to early February 2016.

The first-person survival adventure takes place on a deserted alien planet, and due to mankind being on the verge of extinction you and your team are blasted from Earth to set up a new colony. But what is hinted from the name ‘Solus’ – Latin for ‘alone’ – is that all your crew are dead, thus leaving you stranded with no means of contact and no choice but to survive, giving a numbing and hopeless air about the experience.

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The videogame doesn’t follow the general trend in VR of having open sandbox gameplay, but is similar to the traditional linear first-person experience; still making sure it takes advantage of its VR ability with 10 complex levels to survive. Mystery and suspense is built, seen in the video below, as you explore strange buildings and discovery human-like alien remains which means intense isolation and no chance of interaction.

The Solus Project will be available on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview in early February 2016, and set for full release in March 2016, coinciding with the first pre-orders for Oculus Rift to go out Spring this year.

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