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Some Countries Won’t Get the Oculus Rift until 2017

The Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) is launching in a total of 20 countries in three months’ time. This initial list of territories consists of the likes of the USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan and more, though there are some notable omissions. Many had assumed that Oculus VR would be able to bring the kit to other countries in the near future but, for some, it looks like the device won’t be available until sometime in 2017.

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Game Reactor is reporting that the kit won’t be available in Portugal and ‘other countries’ until 2017, though these other regions were not specified. That is according to a retailer that also suggested the device might have a different price by the time is arrives in the country depending on the performance of the hardware in 2016. The likes of Russia and South Korea are also still waiting on news as to when the Oculus Rift will hit their countries.

Right now the Oculus Rift can be pre-ordered for $599 USD, though expected shipments are now backed up all the way until June 2016. The kit is set to arrive with two free games in Lucky’s Tale and EVE: Valkyrie, the latter of which is available as part of the pre-order offer. It also includes an Xbox One controller, the wireless adapter to connect it to a PC and the Oculus Remote for simplified input.

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