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Starbreeze Looks To Widen StarVR Awareness With L.A. Arcade Venue

A few days ago virtual reality (VR) creative studio OVERKILL, best known for their work on the PAYDAY series of video games, confirmed that their The Walking Dead tie-in experience would be released to consumers next year. However, when it comes to OVERKILL’s parent company Starbreeze Studios they have been a little quiet in relation to their own proprietary head-mounted display (HMD) the StarVR. 

This though has changed thanks to a new update on the Starbreeze Studio website announcing a new project called ‘Project StarCade’.  This VR initiative will see Starbreeze AB set up a virtual reality arcade featuring StarVR units at an as yet undisclosed location in the Los Angeles area. The idea being that it will make VR technology and experiences ‘accessible for the masses’, allowing both fans and newcomers to the medium a place to get hands-on with the hardware.

Star VR / StarVR HMD

Starbreeze’s CTO Emmanuel Marquez commented on the project: “We continue to iterate the fact that VR really needs to be experienced in person to fully be able to appreciate the phenomenon, and why not have your first experience in a real premium setting in our StarVR headset? We’ve managed to secure a prime location where people are welcome to step into our StarCade and enjoy our OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead VR experience. We’re developing our own StarCade catalogue of experiences, but we’re open to any content. We will invite developers to join us and give them the opportunity to put their content in our StarCade. We as an industry continuously need to educate ourselves to make VR truly successful, and this is just the first step in our planning to do so.”

There does remain though no news as yet as to what plans Starbreeze have for the device itself at retail. When that information becomes available or we have more details regarding StarCade VRFocus will let you know as soon as possible.

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