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Tarraco VR header

Tarraco VR Launches on Gear VR

Imageen has launched a new virtual reality (VR) experience from Estudiofuture, Tarraco VR, now available for download on Gear VR for free. Tarraco VR allows users to travel to the 2nd Century, the ancient city of Tarraco, and view the many entertainment wonders the era offers.

From chariot races to gladiator fights, viewers can marvel in the recreation of the Roman Empire’s most common past times. Marvel at the architecture of Tarraco’s forum and temple, and later compare the views to the modern day city of Tarragona and the ruins of the once glorious city.

Tarraco VR screenshot

Tarraco is the first city set to be recreated in VR by Imageen and Estudiofuture, with Merida, Cartagena and Corboda set to follow. Tarraco VR is available to download for all editions of the Gear VR now, and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest Gear VR releases from Imageen and Estudiofuture.

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