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VR Experience Loop Revealed for Oculus Rift

Virtual reality (VR) is currently full of unknowns, there’re no standards or common procedures yet for content creators to follow to make videogames. It’s all about experimentation and exploration as developers look to find the common denominators that firmly work in VR. This leads to a myriad of different experiences that seek to expand what a VR title can do, such as Loop by developer Stefan Wagner.

Wagner is an interaction and motion designer currently based in Würzburg, Germany, He created Loop as part of the practical installment for his master thesis on “the possibilities of connecting gamic elements to information design” at FH Würzburg faculty of design.

Loop is a videogame of sorts, combining exploration and manipulation of its virtual world as the user moves through it. Through these acts the player will learn about the basics of programming. Using both an Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) and a Leap motion sensor, players can reach out and grab code the simulations around him are running on, then changing it to affect what happens. Plants and geometrical forms can be grown, walls moved in sine waves and the movement of bird flocks altered. The gameplay has been designed to appeal to a wide audience that have no knowledge of coding, numerical values can be slid with a hand gesture and formulas assembled like building blocks.

As it stands Wagner hasn’t made any plans to release the project to the general public, but he hasn’t ruled it out. Aside from making refinements he’ll release Loop depending on the amount of feed back he receives, with contact details available on his andsynchrony.net site.

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