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VRDC Session Highlight: Seismic Games Talks ‘Narrative VR Challenges’

Virtual reality (VR) technology boasts huge storytelling potential, but there are some key challenges and trials that developers will need to overcome in order to unlock it. Eric Giz Gewirtz, President & Chief Creative Officer at Seismic Games will be looking at some of these issues in his talk at the 2016 Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC) and Game Developers Conference (GDC) in March with a talk titled ‘“Is That Me?” Identity Confusion & Narrative VR Challenges‘.

“Giz Gewirtz will explore the challenges of integrating the player experience into VR narratives, focusing specifically on the disassociation between character identity and the player’s identity in virtual reality,” an official description reads. “He will outline the unique differences between VR storytelling and traditional game narratives, and provide practical tips and tricks on how to overcome those challenges. This talk will include real world examples of successes (and failures) in attempting to bridge the gap between traditional storytelling and experimental VR narratives.”

Seismic Games itself is currently working on a VR title codenamed Project X.

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