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AMD Tease Forthcoming VR Development Hardware

When it comes to technological innovation and development very few industries are moving faster than virtual reality (VR) and for Samsung, Sony, Oculus and HTC 2016 will again be a banner year for all three companies. For the technology behind the technology it’s also looking to be a pretty busy time period also, with Intel working with Google on Project Tango which has possible connections to Google’s second HMD, NVIDIA have been busy getting their ducks in a row with a VR Ready program, focus on VR as part of their GTC event and a partnership for a new PR for VR division. all discussed in the last couple of months.


For AMD, VR continues to be, as their CEO put it, ‘an exciting trend’ with a lot of work being put in behind the scenes to develop supportive technology for VR. AMD are also closely involved in supporting the VR community, and will be the main sponsor on all Virtual Reality Los Angeles (VRLA) events in 2016. When it comes to the technology behind their efforts AMD have been very hard at work, with the company’s Corporate Vice President Alliances, Technology and VR Roy Taylor teasing one such piece of hardware earlier in the week.

The compact looking –  and very red – units were initially believed to be AMD development systems for VR developers based on what was mentioned within Taylor’s tweet. However it was later revealed, as confirmed by wccftech.com that they were in fact the previously referenced so-called ‘Tiki’ model systems created by Falcon North West – also tagged in Taylor’s tweet.

The natural inclusion of a Radeon graphics set, Direct X 12 support (and possible use of Vulkan) aside, identifying the system specs are still to be confirmed. Although at 12 TeraFlops, a total previously mentioned by Taylor in a VRLA expo talk, the Tiki is shaping up to potentially be a pocket-powerhouse. One that VR developers, specifically called out to, will certainly be interested in finding more out about. VRFocus will bring you more updates on this hardware when fully revealed by AMD and Falcon North West.

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