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Explore the Web Using Sprawly Internet Beta App on Gear VR

With modern virtual reality (VR) being such a young format developers are continually experimenting with the best uses for the technology. Its why Oculus VR launched the concepts section in the Oculus Store for Samsung Gear VR, so that users could try different ideas that studios are toying with. The latest to arrive is Sprawly, an app designed to open up and explore the internet in VR.

Free to download Sprawly Internet Beta includes several features: search, web browser, alternate environments and speed reading. Users can use the search function as they normally would to find items on the net, while the web browser is rendered by your smartphone’s normal webview. Being in VR you can select an environment to browse the web from, these include space and sunset options. The app can also select music files from your device to play whilst browsing.

Sprawly Internet Beta Screenshot

Sprawly Internet Beta doesn’t require a Bluetooth gamepad and should be comfortable for most users. The app does give unrestricted access to the internet the developer notes.

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