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Gear VR Benefits From SMI Eye Tracking

While it has already been said that the Samsung Gear VR is always being improved and upgraded, including the work being put towards including positional tracking, the Gear VR continues to flourishing. The latest element to be added to the mobile-based head-mounted display (HMD) by visual tracking tech company, SMI, is the use of eye tracking which will allow the user to utilise gaze cursor control, showcased at the Mobile World Congress this week in Barcelona.

This new addition of eye tracking would, on top of gaze cursor control, also enable the benefit of social presence while using the headset. The user can navigate the content menu by simply looking at the options and clicking, rather than using their whole head to track the cursor.

SMI Virtual Eye Tracking Gear VRAs well as eye tracking, SMI have also succeeded in foveated rendering, which allows an image – or now video – to be fully rendered only where the eye can see it and results in a two-fold increase in VR performance. The Director of SMI, Christian Villwock, said in the press release: “With mobile VR the experience is only as good as the processing power of a mobile phone, so these performance-boosting innovations, which we have integrated into standard hardware, allow a mobile VR experience like never before.”

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