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House of Languages to Receive New Update in March

In November shortly after the launch of the consumer version of the Samsung Gear VR mobile head-mounted display (HMD), Fox3D Entertainment released its language teaching app House of Languages. The developer has been busy since then adding tweaks and improvements. The next big update will now be arriving in March, with a bunch of new features.

For its March update Fox3D will be introducing new mini-games for each location to help memorize foreign languages. The English, Spanish and German translations available will now be joined by two new ones, Russian and French, for all words giving a total of five languages to learn. Two more locations will also be added to help teach, School Classroom and Grocery Store.

House of Lanuages - Fruit & Veg shop

On top of these main additions the developer has also included Easter Eggs in different places across each location, from culture blockbusters such as House M.D., Back to the Future and many more. More NPC Characters – school teacher, nurse, fruit seller, new family members; revamped 3D artwork with improved animations for characters;  bugs/feedback from Oculus QA team and users fixed; and improved usability.

House of Languages currently supports the Gear VR, but the team are also working on an Oculus Rift version which they are also planning to publish in March.

No exact dates have yet been given on when these will be landing in March but VRFocus will keep our readers up to date on the latest announcements.


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