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HTC on Vive Launch Announcement: ‘It’s not just about gaming’

Today’s HTC Vive price and bundle announcement has certainly caused a stir, with videogame developers reacting positively to the pricing and launch details revealed. However, HTC themselves are keen to highlight that while videogames are currently at the forefront of the modern virtual reality (VR) revival, it’s not the only field the HTV Vive will cater for.

“But it’s not just about gaming,” states a post on the official HTC Vive blog. “In addition to these launch titles, HTC is working with developers to foster the creation of content that spans multiple sectors including entertainment, retail, education, design, healthcare and automotive that will ultimately transform people’s lives.”

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Discussing the future of the HTC Vive, Cher Wang, chairwoman and CEO, HTC, comments: “Since announcing Vive this time last year, we have worked tirelessly with Valve to deliver the best VR experience on the market, winning multiple awards and receiving critical acclaim from media, consumers and the industry. With the Vive consumer edition we are now able to realize our ultimate vision; bringing Vive into homes around the globe so that people can experience immersive virtual reality in a away that fires the imagination and truly changes the world. [sic]”

The HTC Vive is set to launch in April 2016, with pre-orders being opened later this month. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on the HTC Vive and the software products that will be made available for the device.

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