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UPDATED: HTC Vive Pre-Orders Sell Out in 18 Minutes

Just moments ago, HTC and Valve finally launched pre-orders for the very first SteamVR supported virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), the HTC Vive. The kit is set to begin shipping on 5th April 2016 for those that were fast enough to get an early order in. Those that haven’t yet managed to secure a unit are in for some bad news, however, as every unit in that first batch of releases has now been claimed.

HTC Vive CV1

Expected shipping for the kit has now been pushed from April into May. It’s taken just 18 minutes for that to happen. It’s hardly surprising that this happened so fast given that the kit’s main rival, the Oculus Rift, also managed to sell out of its initial stock of HMDs mere minutes after its own pre-order campaign launched back in January. At $799 USD, the HTC Vive does cost an extra $200 over the Oculus Rift’s $599 tag, but it does include the features needed for Room Scale VR, in which one player moves around a real world area of up to 15 feet by 15 feet and has those movements replicated within the given experience.

The HTC Vive will also include a pair of position tracked controllers, allowing players to bring their hands into VR, along with two Lighthouse base stations that enable Room Scale tracking. There are also three free piece of software including Owlchemy Labs’ Job Simulator, Northway Games’ Fantastic Contraption and Google’s Tilt Brush.

Stay tuned to VRFocus for the latest on the HTC Vive.

UPDATE #2: This appears to have been a misunderstanding on VRFocus‘ part. The HTC Vive looks to be shipping to Australia and New Zealand a month later that other countries in May 2016. This, combined with the ‘Out of Stock’ glitches plaguing the pre-order page, caused some confusion. It’s currently not possible to tell if the device has sold out in countries in which shipping starts in April. VRFocus apologies for the error.

UPDATE: Pre-orders seem to be fluctuating between April and May across territories. Australia, for example is already pushed back to May as seen below. Others are still listed as April.


  1. Pretty hastily and rushed article. Are you making things up? It’s not out of stock. The @htcvive Twitter says so themselves, and I can still see it in stock on the website. Nobody said anything about shipping being delayed to May. Please don’t spread lies.

  2. Man that was some BS. The site was for all intents and purposes DDOSed for those trying to order.

  3. When I tried to checkout on a PC it told me the Vive was sold out and I need to remove it from the cart. Tried several times including starting from scratch. It allowed me to add it to the cart just fine but still shows sold out when I submit the order. I was about to give up, and console myself for my Rift order shipping in May but I tried it once more from my iPhone, and it surprisingly worked. I wonder if the non-mobile version is buggy or if they are part of a different stock. This was for US region.

  4. Well, given that I was at my computer and the htcvive website at 1500 GMT, it took until 1512 to actually pre-order…

  5. Hi,

    “but it does include the features needed for Room Scale VR”. -> Why do you keep saying that. That is a matter of software target, not hardware…

    Plus only really few people will have a room to use that feature. That’s not a killing feature…

  6. NOT TRUE! They are not sold out, they also said on their twitter to reload the page if such errors occurs, the shipping date is STILL “April” for most countries, so this is BS.

  7. In defense of the writer.
    I had problems ordering from the UK.
    For the first minute or two, the order page would not load (giving the impression that many people were trying to order).
    Later, I could add the Vive to the basket but, when trying to check out, I would get the error: “We can’t ship to the UK”, even though I was on the UK web site.
    It took me 15 minutes of attempts to complete the order, and I also had the impression that the item was sold out.

  8. Anyone with more sense than money will await the next iteration of VR and get a much better experience for much less money.

    Both Oculus and Vive have incorporated the unscrupulous value added sales techniques to their release products knowing that enthusiasts would absorb the “value added” cost of their overpriced wares.

    I am interested in VR and look forward to trying it but I won’t be buying these extortionate first wave products, not only as a matter of principle, but also because I know that in a couple of years I will be getting a much better experience at lower cost and paying £750 for a luxury product that will lose its shelf-life so quickly it is a luxury I can’t justify to myself.

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