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New To VR: Lock & Load As WarFire Comes To Steam Greenlight

Where as yesterday’s New To VR was a slightly older item we’d not yet covered, today’s spotlight shines on something a bit more up to date – but something that is also over on Steam’s Greenlight. WarFire: Flight of the Enemy is a somewhat straightforward shooter with an old-school feel. OId-school in that you are cast as stereotypical Rambo type one-man army going up against outrageous odds, laying waste to a vast array of black ski-mask wearing enemies in a flurry of bullets, fire, explosions and physics-based destruction.

Created in CryEngine 3 by Chinese developer D&K Games Studio with support for the Oculus Rift (the exact head-mounted display version is not mentioned) and with plans for a PlayStation 4 and an Microsoft XBox 360 and/or XBox One release. You can see a trailer for the game here.

WarFire is available now for your votes. Do you think it would be a good VR experience? Would you like to see more straight forward shooters in future? Let us know in the comments.

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