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Kaleidoscope VR Showcase for Feature at 2016 NAB Event

Industries are noticing the power and draw virtual reality (VR) has for events, whilst being such a disruptive technology that its hard to ignore. Its been announced that the annual National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) next event during April 2016 in Las Vegas will be host to the inaugural Kaleidoscope VR Showcase.

The showcase will feature the very latest VR films and immersive experiences from across the world including: North America, Europe and South America. 2016 NAB Show attendees will have the opportunity to experience the most innovative narrative, environmental and interactive content, VR developers are working on.


“With the rapid evolution of media and entertainment, it’s clear that virtual reality will play a prominent role in the future of film and broadcasting,” said NAB Executive Vice President of Conventions and Business Operations Chris Brown in a statement. “Kaleidoscope will be a major highlight of our virtual reality educational programming – we can’t wait to see what this next generation of artists brings to the NAB Show floor.”

Kaleidoscope was founded last year by entrepreneur René Pinnell and former “Industrial Light & Magic” technical director Michael Breymann. During 2015 Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival toured across the North American and Canada, visiting Austin, Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, and more.

“As the home of unique and award-winning virtual reality content and artists, Kaleidoscope is thrilled to bring this new frontier of experiential entertainment to NAB Show,” said Pinnell. “The success of our North American tour highlighted the resounding interest in this medium, and the artists that are its pioneers. There’s no better place to showcase this extraordinary movement in media than at NAB Show.”

The 2016 NAB Show will be taking place on 18th – 21st April, at the Las Vegas Convention Centre. To register and find further information go to nabshow.com.

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