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Kickstarter Campaign Launched by Goblin VR for Portable VR Headset

If you enjoy virtual reality (VR) but want to view immersive experiences out and about there will soon be a wealth of options available. Devices like Homido Mini are already available, but there’re a number of Kickstarter campaigns aiming to bring new options to market. Figment VR has completed a successful crowd-funding campaign, Stimuli has recently launch one for 2VR and this week British company Goblin VR has announced its own unique design.

All these head-mounted displays (HMDs) have one thing in common – portability, but each takes a different approach, and The Goblin headset is no different. The device allows users to slide a smartphone between 4 – 6 inch in screen size into the front, held in place by a neoprene sleeve.


The main feature of The Goblin HMD is its patent-pending Pop-Out Black-Out (POBO) system. Opening up the doors to the headset the POBO system comprises soft, malleable neoprene and two 35mm lenses. When placing The Goblin to your face the neoprene fits around a users face, giving a snug fit but its also designed to block out excess light, which should provide a better image and therefore an improved VR experience. Other portable designs tend not to feature a way to stop light getting in, giving The Goblin a unique feature.

While the HMD can be handheld it also includes a detachable head-strap enabling The Goblin to be used hands-free. “We believe immersion, portability, comfort and compatibility are the four cornerstones of a great quality VR experience,” comments Daniel Dolby, Goblin VR’s founder in a statement. “Immersion, with zero light bleed, so your mind is transported to another world and you’re consumed by your new environment. Comfort – soft against your skin, uncompromisingly lightweight, and hands-free – so you forget you’re wearing a headset. Portable, so you can slip your headset in your pocket and take it with you wherever you go. And finally, we’ve also offer the user in-use control via a conductive input.”

Gobline VR is looking to raise £37,500 GBP over the course of the crowd-funding campaign. Reward tiers begin at £30 GBP for the Super Early Bird reward, this includes one headset, head-strap and worldwide shipping.

VRFocus will continue to follow the progress of Goblin VR’s Kickstarter campaign, reporting back any further updates.

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