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Land’s End Update Resolves Audio Glitch

One of the best titles available for Samsung and Oculus VR’s Gear VR mobile-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) right now is Land’s End, a first-person exploration experience from Monument Valley developer Ustwo Games. The studio launched the project on the platform as it released for the consumer market late last year, but a troubling audio glitch was affecting the experience for many players. Recently, however, Ustwo Games has finally issued an update for the title to fix that issue.


Some who downloaded Land’s End were finding that the normal audio had been entirely replaced by a fuzzy drone sound. In fact, the glitch even affected VRFocus‘ build of the title and was so consistent it could be mistaken for an actual feature in the experience. However, with the update now issued players should be able to get the intended audio, which swaps out that drone for a much more soothing soundtrack with environmental sound effects in place and more. VRFocus has added a note to its original review to explain the error.

According to Ustwo Games’ Peter Pashely the glitch was the result of a Unity issue. Elsewhere, Land’s End still remains the same eye-opening experience in which the player travels through a series of environments, solving a series of gaze-based puzzles as they go. It remains to be seen is Ustwo Games will continue to work in VR following the title’s release, though many will likely be hoping that this is the case.

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  1. Can someone help me out here?

    Am I the only person who found this game to be wholly underwhelming? I feel like I’m usually good at at least seeing what other people see in things, even if I don’t really see it myself. But this game? It is a look-and-connect-the-dots simulator. I’m not sure why that is considered such a fantastic experience. The visuals are…not bad. I understand technical limitations only allow so much freedom, but I still found the art direction very shrug-worthy.

    I went in to this game with high expectations given all the amazing buzz it had, but left after a couple hours with a quizzical look scrawled on my face. And it is a rather short experience at that. It may be better than average for GearVR software, but I don’t know how that makes it *exceptional*. And certainly not worthy of its pricetag in comparison to other things on offer.

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