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Legend of Luca Dev Discusses Room Transition in New Video

Earlier in the year VRFocus reported on the reveal of A Legend of Luca, a new virtual reality (VR) videogame for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) from Legend Studio. The title was announced through an early video taking a look at the gameplay, from which Legend Studio has gathered feedback. One area that the team found fans to comment on the most was the transition between rooms within the title. That’s something the developer has now addressed with a brand new video, seen below.

In the short clip Legend Studio showcases some of the new options that have been added in response to that first video. They include different kinds of fades and swaps, with options for ‘Instant’, ‘Pan’, ‘Blink’, and ‘Slow’. The studio takes a look at the effects of each with some new footage from the title.

A Legend of Luca aims to make full use of the HTC Vive’s user-tracking options, which include motion controllers and Room Scale tracking in which players can walk around a real area of up to 15 feet by 15 feet and have those movements replicated in-game. Inspired by The Legend of Zelda series, the title sees players make their way through a series of dungeons, using a sword for melee combat and a magical staff for ranged attacks.

Stay tuned to VRFocus for the latest on A Legend of Luca.

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