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Littlstar Announces VR Partnership with Bento Box Entertainment

The Digital Entertainment World expo took place earlier this week in Los Angeles, California, to bring together intellectual property rights holders from across the entertainment spectrum with technology and service providers, digital distributors and device manufacturers. During the event Bento Box Entertainment (BBE) announced the launch of Bento Box Digital Studio which will produce original content for mobile and digital platforms. As part of the this Bento Box Digital Studio is also forming an exclusive partnership with virtual reality (VR) company Littlstar.

Through this collaboration the companies will launch a VR animation channel, powered by Littlstar’s technology, with content created and curated by Bento Box. The channel will be available as a stand-alone app, and via Littlstar’s network and Bento Box platforms.

Bento Box

“This entry into VR will help our company to be an even stronger partner for the most creative people in animation, opening the door to immersive, 360-degree storytelling that is not only a potential game-changer but is incredibly fun to experience and experiment with,” said Joel Kuwahara, co-founder, executive producer and head of technology at BBE in a statement. “We chose Littlstar due to the expertise and relationships it has established in the relatively young VR world, and the availability of its network on all major mobile platforms, since we believe that mobile is an ideal entry point to VR for creators and consumers.”

Tony Mugavero, founder and CEO of Littlstar, added, “Bento Box is the clear leader in pushing the boundaries of primetime animation. We are not only setting the standards for immersive animation in this collaboration with Bento Box, but will be breaking out of traditional broadcast bounds and creating the premiere destination for animated, 360-degree VR content.”

It’s early days for the partnership so its unclear when the new VR content will land, but VRFocus will keep you updated when further details are revealed.

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